3D scans to help custom home builders see everything behind the sheetrock after it's hung.

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Creating and viewing 3D scans of your build jobs has never been easier.

Scan scheduler

Input an address, date, and time and a Matterport™ technician will be on the job scanning within 48 hours.

View 3D Scans

All of your client's 3D scans in one convenient location.

View build plans

Quick access to view and share your build plans with subs.

Share with subs

Give your entire team access to plans and 3D scans to keep everyone aligned.

Effortless Visibility

Fly through your build with rapid-fire access to your whole project.

Effortlessly integrates with your workflow.

No need to change your workflow, FourWay seamlessly becomes part of the project lifecycle.

How it works

Four simple steps to get 3D scans of your projects into one convenient location—the FourWay app.



Create your account

To get started, go to or download the FourWay app on the App Store.


Schedule your scan

Use the in-app scheduling tool to let us know what day and time you'd like a 3D scan technician to scan your project.

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Technician arrives & scans

Depending on the size of the project, performing the 3D scan will take 1-4 hours. Our technicians will capture every square foot of your project and give you multiple viewpoints in every room.


View your scan & share

Easily view your 3D scans from your FourWay account and share them with everyone who needs to see them.


10¢ / sqft

• 3D Scan •
• 1-year hosting •
• Access to FourWay App •

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